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Focus on Food supplement ingredients N° 1: Mallow

Focus on Food supplementThrough our Focus ingredients feature, we chose to highlight different ingredients that can prove useful to food supplements, either in their differentiating way, or through their nutraceutical fame.

Common mallow or high mallow, from its Latin name Malva sylvestris, mallow is used to ease coughing thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties or in case of difficult digestion due to its moderate laxative effect.

Here are 3 benefits of choosing Mallow for your dietary supplement formula :


1/ An efficacy recognized since Antiquity

What a knowledge we have on this plant’s uses! The first evidence of the therapeutical use of mallow goes back to the 8th century BC through the verses of the Greek poet Hesiod. Pythagoras, Cicero took on the testimonies. Mallow reached the highest ranks by being part of Charlemagne’s agricultural reform, officialised through the De Villis Chapter in the year 812.


2/ An accessible plant

For nature lovers, mallow is easy to find in the French meadows (eco-friendly transport). The flowers can be harvested from June to October. Infusing 2 to 3 table spoons of dried flowers is sufficient to fight against constipation.


3/ A large adaptability to nutraceutical formulation

Generally, mallow is used at less than 100mg/day of powdered plants and is water soluble. Thus, it is possible to offer it in a liquid ( bottle, dropper, glass vial…) or solid form (powder, tablets, sticks…). Mallow allows numerous allegations and is “recognized to help good intestinal transit”.


At Kares-up, among our 200 catalogue references, we offer a mallow extract formulated into the nomadic dosage form of an orodispersible stick, boosted with a mix of 3 probiotics to improve intestinal comfort or to accompany a slimming routine.

Finally, mallow is appreciated through external use for highly sensitive and dry skins thanks to its mucilage playing the part of a protective shield, which makes it a relevant choice for an In & Out offer.


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Scientific and Marketing development Officer at Kares-Up

Raphaëlle DA COSTA
Kares-Up Founder



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