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What is Nutriaesthetic ?

What is Nutriaesthetic ?What is nutriaesthetic ? This a term that needs explaining.


To understand the Nutriaesthetic notion, it is essential to understand the notion of Nutricosmetic correctly.


Nutricosmetic is a form of Cosmetic that, instead of being topically applied, is consumed orally. Nutricosmetic therefore englobes all food supplements targeting beauty, namely food supplements with benefits for the skin or the hair. Nutricosmetic can also be called oral cosmetic or Beauty from within.


In tablet, powder, gummies, softgel capsules…a nutricosmetic contains various ingredients such as collagen, keratin, vegetable ceramides, melon SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase enzyme with strong antioxidant properties), beer yeast, millet, vitamin B8…These ingredients all have beneficial properties for skin and hair.


 Thus, what is Nutriaesthetic ?

Nutriaesthetic is a term initiated and developed by Kares-up to designate food supplements targeting aesthetic.



 1/ Origins and relevance of Nutriaesthetic

As a reminder, the cosmetic market can be segmented into :

– « White » cosmetic or Skincare ;

– Colored cosmetic for makeup ;

– Organic Cosmetic ;

Do It Yourself  Cosmetic;

– Aesthetic cosmetic…


Let’s focus on aesthetic cosmetic. Aesthetic cosmetic is a high-tech, high-range and ultra-concentrated in active ingredients cosmetic. It is often recommended by aesthetic practitioners to accompany and sustain aesthetic procedures.


Hence, given the proven interest of consumers for beauty intended food supplements, with an exponential development since 2018, due to the arrival of numerous brands, it has seemed relevant to Kares-up to offer aesthetic aimed food supplements, namely oral solutions for aesthetic treatments. This is how the concept of Nutriaesthetic was created.


The Nutriaesthetic concept has been created to meet the needs and requirements of aesthetic medicine.


It is important to remind that aesthetic medicine is a high standard discipline requiring great rigor, this explains the quality and technicity of the care products accompanying aesthetic procedures. Efficacy and perfect beauty are sought for.


In that respect, Nutriaesthetic allows to go further than Nutricosmetic. Indeed, Nutriaesthetic allows to meet the aesthetic post-procedure needs and to consider ways of differentiation and expansion of this sector.


By deepening the goals of Nutricosmetic, Nutriaesthetic seeks to strengthen the efficacy of the creams used for anti-ageing, anti-redness, post-procedure treatment…through high range food supplements containing active cocktails of proven efficacy. This oral care has the advantage of extending the action of an anti-ageing cream.


Indeed, when a topical application acts at the epidermis level, on the skin’s surface, an oral care, through the digestive mechanism, is assimilated by the body and is found present in the blood and thus at the dermis level.


The dermis being this layer of the skin allowing its holding and elasticity, it is through oral way that an aesthetic care, thus becoming a nutriaesthetic, will increase the efficacy of aesthetic treatments.



2/ The application of the Nutriaesthetic concept into products

As we have seen, nutriaesthetic is a food supplement with an aesthetic aim. In that sense, Nutriaesthetic can apply to different skin conditions linked to aesthetic medicine procedures: dark spots, wrinkles, unsightly blood vessels…It can also extend to other blemishes as well as UV protection.


These nutriaesthetic care products accompany advanced procedures: they are potentially recommended by professionals. Therefore, their quality and efficacy are primordial.


As premium high-tech care, regarding the products, a nutriaesthetic can be in the form of, among others, drink shots, containing highly titrated active ingredients showing synergies in action (collagen, hyaluronic acid, prebiotics, superfruits, vitamins, detox plants…).


Besides, a nutriaesthetic is presented in a more elaborated form than most of the other food supplements. The product’s presentation, its aesthetic, its taste…each sensorial aspect is an asset. The goal being to offer a reel consumer experience around care, a beauty product standing completely out of traditional food supplements. For that reason a nutriaesthetic has its spot in a bathroom cabinet.


Finally, it should be noted that, as a specialist in food supplements and In&Out care, Kares-up can guide you through your projects of nutriaesthetic care, either for your brand strategy or for the development and manufacturing of your products.


Raphaëlle DA COSTA
Founder of Kares-up



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