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How to beat the competition with your collagen food supplement ?

How to beat the competition with your collagen food supplement ?


A food supplement with collagen is essential to the range of any player in this market. However, how do you stand out and beat the competition with your collagen dietary supplement ?



As you know, collagen is a key ingredient in nutraceuticals. Like omega 3 or ashwagandha, collagen is favored by the largest distributors in the dietary supplement market. Indeed, it is the manufacturers Gelita and Rousselot, with the brands Verisol® and Peptan® respectively, which compete for most of the market for this ingredient.



Thus, if the usefulness of collagen is no longer to be proven, whether for joint well-being or the reduction of wrinkles, it remains to find how a food supplement with collagen can differentiate itself from the competition.



According to Kares-up, this starts with the choice of galenic form.



Indeed, when establishing a visual panel of existing collagen food supplements on the market, we see that collagen comes mainly in 2 forms: the powder in a pot which stands out widely, and the hard capsule, the most represented galenic form in the food supplement in general.



So, which galenic form to choose to stand out from the competitors ?



1/ The advantages of drinkable collagens

Looking through the visual panel illustrating this article, we realize that the “drinkable collagen”, in shot format or in liquid stick (absolute collagenTM), is less represented. Thus, collagen drinkable in a single dose represents a first degree of differentiation thanks to its nomadic format which facilitates the intake routine.


However, this galenic involves meeting a challenge of a budgetary nature (the cost of production generally leads to a public price of 90 euros for a 1-month cure) and/or gustatory (taste and smell of fish to be camouflaged).



2/ The originality of collagen chocolates

This galenic has the merit of going off the beaten track, that’s for sure.



At the first evaluation, it arouses an attraction. On the other hand, the presence of sugar, the large quantity necessary to obtain the effective dose and the regulatory ambiguity (functional food or food supplement) represent too pronounced disadvantages to lead this galenic to an unconditional success.



3/ The unbeatable gummies format

Within this landscape formed by various collagen food supplements, what about the most fashionable galenic, namely, gummies ?



Collagen gummies are almost non-existent on the market. Therefore this makes it an essential galenic to differentiate from the competitors.



The low presence of collagen gummies on the current food supplement market is explained by the dosage constraints specific to gummies, to which are added the technical specificities of collagen dissolution.



Indeed, the gummies currently on the market have either a low dosage of collagen (50mg), or a higher dosage which involves a base of beef gelatin, often embellished with sugar, with a minimum dosage of 3 gummies per day.



However, be aware that today there are new collagen gummies solutions that combine both the effectiveness and the healthy approach desired for a well-being product in the form of a dietary supplement.



At Kares-up, we have developed, for food supplement brands, gummies each containing 500 mg of collagen (corresponding to the clinically tested dose), i.e. more than double the dosage present on the market. A single gummy is enough to obtain the effective dose. Kares-up gummies, called French gummies, are sugar-free and based on a vegan gelling matrix: the Hemogu® matrix.



Raphaëlle DA COSTA
Founder of Kares-up





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