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3 key-tips to set up in place your Aesthetic nutricosmetics range

Aesthetic NutricosmeticYou are now convinced that Nutricosmetic is a growing market where you belong (global Nutricosmetic is estimated to reach more than 8 billion dollars by 2025). Through our market research on Nutricosmetics, we realized that there is an opportunity for a new market area that we chose to name Aesthetic Nutricosmetic.

Indeed, as Nutricosmetic is growing, competition between brands and new offers is also booming. To stay a leader in this area, you have to go further with your approach and raise your expertise of Nutricosmetics up to Aesthetic nutricosmetics.


To this end, we give you 3 key-tips:

1/ Raise up to a highly effective and luxury range

As in Aesthetic medecine, the high quality and efficiency of Aesthetic nutricosmetic must be your main offer. By selecting higher quality clinically tested active ingredients, in higher concentration,  you will promote a very high level of efficacy in your formula.

Food supplements are often compared to drugs that must be affordable to all consumers. But Nutricosmetic can be compared to beauty area and to anti-ageing cosmetics. Therefore it can be sold at a higher price.  We place Aesthetic nutricosmetic as an Aesthetic medicine product that shall remain at the same level of price and quality as Aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic nutricosmetic belongs to the luxury area.


2/ Be beautiful and Taste good !

Food supplement can be simply a commodity. Nutricosmetics are more. Aesthetic nutricosmetic has to be luxurious and has to be perfect for the consumer. Indeed, do not hesitate to work on the taste of your formula, to choose a premium design and packaging, and to make Aesthetic nutricosmetics a part of your Aesthetic medicine range.


3/ Become part of a beauty routine

The easier the intake of your aesthetic nutricosmetic, the more integrated it will be in the consumer beauty routine. Actually, that means that you shall question your loyal customers. Ask them when they would prefer to take a beauty  capsule, a beauty shot or powder to dilute. Your aesthetic nutricosmetic has to find the best place in the bathroom or next to the breakfast table.

Moreover, do not forget to minimize the posology that will also help to improve the observance.


At Kares-up we pointed out 3 brands that chose Food Supplement to enhance their Aesthetic medicine range. These brands are offering a premium and medical approach of Nutricosmetics and introduce what we name Aesthetic nutricosmetics. But there is still place remaining for Aesthetic nutricosmetics.

Thereby, keeping on supporting brands in their development, Kares-up provides high efficacy formulas for Aesthetic nutricosmetics. Indeed, we developed 3 premium drinkable collagen formulas, with two clinically tested active ingredients per formula and a specific taste. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about Aesthetic nutricosmetics.


Raphaëlle DA COSTA
Kares-up Founder



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